The boat handle extenders simply bolt onto 1.5" or 1.25" O.D. Ladder Tubes.  Once installed the D-Shaped boat ladder handles will slip right into the extender brackets.


Note: "D" Shape Handles sold separately


Our boat ladder extender brackets fit on stowable ladders and under swim deck mount applications.


Recommended Tools 7/16" wrench NOT INCLUDED

Remove all parts and hardware from box and lay out on a carpeted or scratch-free work surface, as this will avoid damaging any parts during assembly. The shipping box provides and ideal work surface. Do not dispose of any contents until assembly is completed to avoid accidentally discarding small parts or hardware.

Save all packing materials until assembly is complete to avoid accidentally discarding
smaller parts or hardware.

Use the parts and hardware lists to identify and separate each of the pieces included prior to starting assembly.


Note: DO not fully tighten all bolts until all parts are in place. Failure to follow these instructions may cause the bolts to misalign during assembly.


If using power tools to aid in assembly please use caution. Power tools can damage hard-ware.


It is recommended to install extender brackets to your boat ladder with your boat on land and not in the water to avoid lost tools and or lost hardware.

Handle Extenders

  • Your Extender Brackets include:

    • A set of two (2) extender brackets (a left and right)

    • (10) Carriage Bolts ¼-20

    • (10) Nylon Insert Nut ¼-20

    • (4) Spacer Tubes

    • (2) Plastic Spacer Body’s

    • Instruction and Owner's Manual

    The Extenders are 2 ¼” wide, 5 ¼” deep and 5 ½” tall.  The extenders lock in on top of the top step for use and lift up and swivel in for transportation.