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We're About Better Products.

Check out our links below to learn about more about our Better On-Boarding Products. 

We are all about better boating options. But why is this so important to us? Read more below.

About Us

Bobo Ladders President

Meet Bobo

Founder and CEO, Robert (Bob) Orscheln is a boating enthusiast, especially when it comes to time on the Lake of the Ozarks with his family. 

Bob noticed that many of his boating guests had quite a bit of trouble getting out of the water and back on his boat. Most had so much trouble, they didn't even try to get in the water. This was a problem that he decided to fix.

Most boat ladders have a limited ladder setup, with few handholds to help boaters hoist themselves back up. Bob decided to add handles to his ladder, allowing himself and guests to pull themselves back up onto the deck with little effort.

The idea grew to involve his friends and family, who wanted the same setup for their boating experience. Now Bob offers you the same better on-boarding options.


So from Bob, Family, and Friends: Happy Boating!

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