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The perfect boat ladder for our Slide-In Handles and Snap-On Treads!


Due to high demand, we are now selling a boat ladder that comes equipped with four of our Snap-On Treads! Replace your current ladder today with a 10" or 14" wide, four step, round tube, telescoping boat ladder that is ready to fit our Bobo Ladders 1.50" Slide-In Handles!  Measure the center point of the widths of your boat ladder to know which width you need.  Reference images on product page. 


See the above video for an example of this complete ladder set-up after hardware installation for our Slide-In Handles. 


NOTE: This product does NOT include a set of Slide-In Handles. To fit this ladder, purchase your 1.5" Slide In-Handle Set in Red, Blue, or Yellow Here, or in Stainless Steel Here. 




Four Step Boat Ladder with Treads

  • Your Ladder Purchase includes:

    • One (1) Four Step Ladder
    • Two (2) Bracket Gudgeons
    • Four (4) Snap-On Treads


    The four step ladder is made of polished stainless steel and telescopes inside itself when in the storage position.


    Each tread is made of a black, rigid PVC plastic material with a Santoprene pad in either yellow or black. 


    Extended Ladder Length: 45.5" 

    Tread Dimensions: 9.5" long and 2.25" wide.


    Clean any dirt or debris from the treads and ladder with a soft cloth and mild cleaning agent.


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