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Our Slide-In Handles are a great accessory for your boat ladder to help you get out of the water with ease and support.  After your initial hardware installation, Bobo Ladders Slide-In Handles insert into the top of you current ladder without fastening or tools.


The stainless steel design helps prevent rusting and the overcoat helps ensure a good grip and reduces heat intake for cooler to the touch climbing.


Attached floats keep the Slide-In Handles afloat if accidently dropped in the water.


NOTE: This product is currently only available for round tube ladders. Please measure your boat ladder carefully to get the correct fit before ordering. See our instructions on how to measure.


1.5" Slide-In Ladder Handles

Handle Color
  • Your Slide-In Handles Purchase includes: 

    • A set of two (2) handles (a left and right handle).
    • Two (2) blue floats.
    • One (1) Hardware kit
    • Instruction and Owner's Manual


    The handles are made of Stainless Steel with a Vinyl Heat Shrink Wrap in the color of your choice. A Stainless Steel option with no overcoat is available.  Patent No. 10,858,887


    Handles have a height of 31 inches.


    We recommend storing your handles in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight when not in use. Clean any dirt or debris from the handles with a soft cloth and mild cleaning agent before storage.

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