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Slide-In Handles

Made with boaters in mind, our new slide-in handles make getting out of the water easier than ever.

Slide them into your boat ladder today!

Bobo Ladders Slide-In Handles

Step Up Your Ladder Game.


Snap-On Treads

Bobo Ladders Snap-On Treads

Designed with comfort in mind, our Snap-On Treads provide a softer, more supportive surface than most boat ladder treads on the market.

Bobo Ladders Snap-On Treads

Learn. Install. Enjoy.

Need some help measuring your ladder for its correct width? Need a better explanation for the hardware installation? 
Check out our helpful videos!
Bobo Ladders Slide-In Handles with Floats

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Snap-On Treads on Ladder


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At the Lake of the Ozarks?

Bobo and friends will be out on the Lake most weekends in the summer to showcase our products to anyone interested! Please feel free to come ask us questions and see our handles and treads for yourself!

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